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About Free2ex

The Free2ex Exchange was founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain evangelists in 2015. Already pioneers in forex trading technology, we applied our expertise and values to the booming cryptocurrency market and established an integrated crypto ECN. This technology ensures every market participant has equal access to a stable and transparent trading environment, deep liquidity and ultra-fast execution. We are now proud to be launching the Free2ex Exchange to the public, allowing everyone to trade on a cutting-edge exchange which is defined by our core values of transparency, stability and execution speed.

Multiple Liquidity Sources

The Aggregated Liquidity Pool combines external liquidity from other exchanges with internal liquidity from existing clients and proprietary market makers. This provides traders with tight market spreads and fast execution.

Reliability and Transparency

• Secure connection
• Multi-signatures and encrypted cold storage

Wide Range of Assets

Cryptocurrency pairs including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether USDt, EOS, NEO, Monero, Ripple, IOTA, DASH and more.
We constantly monitor the market for new and rapidly growing coins that are worth investing in, and when we find one we add it to our platform.

Price Maker vs Price Taker

Limit orders have the lowest fee because they are price makers (i.e. offer their own prices and enhance liquidity). The price taker fee applies to orders that are filled at prices already available in the order book (Market, Stop), as well as Iceberg Limit and Limit orders with hidden-volume.
Fees are also reduced as your equity and traded volume grow. See all fees


• Access over the web
• Windows desktop terminal
• iOS and Android mobile apps
• Web socket and Rest Socket
• Seamless integration with other systems (on request)

Advanced Order Types

Advanced Order Types to facilitate all trading strategies
• Market Orders
• Stop Orders
• Limit Orders
• Stop Limit Orders
• Iceberg (IOC)
• Stop/Limit orders with hidden volume

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